10 reasons to INVEST in Spain
1 A bridge to other markets

Spain has a privileged situation, a geographical location as well as cultural and commercial ties. Therefore, it is the gateway to other markets such as Europe, Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East.

Our country also has a highly developed business sector with a high degree of internationalization and, according to Invest in Spain; it offers excellent opportunities to collaborate in third markets. In fact, many Spanish companies are internationally recognised and are present around the world.

2 Extensive infrastructure and logistics network

According to the 2016 Global Competitiveness Report, Spain ranks 10th in the world in infrastructure and logistics services. Our country has a broad and modern transport network, the Spanish railway is the highest high-speed network in Europe and the third worldwide; our ports connect with maritime bases around the world; the road network (motorway, highways and roads) is connected to logistics centres and platforms from all areas of our country, as well as airports, which move goods and people across the country and abroad.

3 Cyber Administration

Spain has a network of e-offices and secondary offices to carry out procedures, which ensure security and confidentiality. Citizens and companies have an electronic signature, a very useful tool.

4 A country which fosters the entrepreneurial culture

Spain offers interesting business opportunities for foreign investors. The Spanish Law 14/2013 (of 27 September 2013, supporting entrepreneurs and its internationalization) facilitates foreign investment and talent to boost growth and jobs’ creation.

Thanks to this Law, a system is established in order to allow the international mobility of professionals and managers and attract foreign investment. In particular, it benefits investors, entrepreneurs, highly qualified staff, training in R&D+i and intra-corporate mobility.

5 Open to foreign investment

According to the FDI Regulatory Restrictiveness Index by OECD, Spain is the 9th country in the world with a regulation more open to international investment. Our country offers business opportunities for companies in sectors and activities with high added value, which have growth potential.

Spain is also the 12th country receiving foreign investment in the world. It hosts more than 12,500 foreign companies from all economic sectors, especially from industrial, technological and services areas. According to Forbes, 70 of the top world's 100 companies have branches in Spain and Thomson Reuters reports that 90 of 100 companies in the R&D sector have a subsidiary office in our territory.

6 The health of our economy

Spain is the 14th largest economy in the world and it has one of the most attractive domestic markets in Europe (it is the 5th largest economy in the EU). Our country, with a GDP of 1.2 billion dollars, has 46 million consumers plus to more than 75 million tourists who visit Spain every year.

7 Beneficial tax regime

The tax burden in Spain is below the average of the EU-28 and the Euro Zone. The general tax rate of corporation tax is 25%. Notwithstanding, expenses related to business activity are deductible if they are properly accounted and justified. In addition, there are additional tax incentives for certain specific expenses.

8 Qualified workers

Spain has a well-trained and internationally valued workforce, mainly in terms of graduate and postgraduate professionals. Furthermore, according to Invest in Spain, Spain’s productivity has grown continuously for ten years, even faster than in other European countries.

9 Aids and incentives

The central, autonomous and local administrations of our country provide numerous aids, subsidies and incentives for the creation of companies, research and development, among other activities. Programs aimed at promoting innovation, technological improvements, carrying out R&D projects, the training of workers and the creation of employment, among others.

10 Facilities to settle in Spain

Thanks to the Spanish Legislation and, in particular, to the Law of Market Unity, free movement and establishment of economic operators and free movement of goods and services throughout the Spanish territory is ensured. 

There are several options for doing business in our country:

-The opening of a branch or a representative office.

-The creation of a Spanish society.

-Association with other business-people already established in Spain.

If you prefer not to settle in Spain, you can choose: 

- Distribution agreements

- Performing operations through an agent

- Performing operations through a commission agent

- Establishment of a franchise