Nowadays, Spain is an undisputed world leader in sport. The success of its sportsmen and women in many individual and team disciplines is the result of determination, the ability to improve and the joint effort of an entire country. The institutions and society as a whole have thrown themselves into promoting the values of sport from a grassroots level. The triumphs which have been achieved by young Spanish sportsmen and women are one of the best credentials of the Spanish Brand and its constant spirit of improvement.

A successful model of sports management

Spain has earned the right to occupy a privileged position amongst the world’s sporting elite. The success enjoyed by its athletes in numerous disciplines has given the country international sporting prestige.

Members of the Spanish football side celebrating, Juanjo Martin (EFE)

Football, basketball, hockey, synchronised swimming and gymnastics are some of the disciplines in which Spanish sportsmen and women have taken the world by surprise.

Paralympic Sport

Paralympic sport raises the standards of perseverance and effort and is today a synonym of example and pride in Marca España.

Diver in Barcelona 92, with the Catalan capital city in the background. EFE/Txema Fernández

Sports competitions foster international relations, cooperation and cultural exchange.

Spanish defender Rafael Gordillo fights with German footballer Manfred Kaltz at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in Madrid during the FIFA World Cup 1982. (EFE)

The most spectacular victories by Spanish sportsmen and women date from the past two decades. However, sporting traditions are deeply rooted in Spain.