International award to Correos for its efficient, innovative solutions

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International award to Correos for its efficient, innovative solutions

CorreosLabs opening. Photo: Correos.
CorreosLabs opening. Photo: Correos.

The excellent service and innovative solutions provided by Correos were acknowledged by Alibaba, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms worldwide and owner of the leading online shopping site AliExpress.

The Spanish letter and parcel delivery company received the award at the AliExpress Ecosystem Ceremony in Hangzhou, China, as Best Logistics Partner in AliExpress Ecosystem. It was a recognition to Correos’s efforts in the development of logistics and e-commerce solutions for buyers and sellers from Spain and the rest of the world, especially China.

Correos and Alibaba became partners two years ago, in an effort to boost e-commerce in Spain. Since then, delivery dates and service quality have improved considerably.

Currently, Correos delivers parcels from AliExpress via Correos Economy and Paq72. Both are express courier and package delivery services that make the shipping and customs procedures easier and faster.

CorreosLabs: a centre for innovation and entrepreneurship

In February, Correos opened CorreosLabs, a space where a team of experts from a variety of fields help turn start-ups into a reality. The lab is in the district of Las Tablas, on the northern tip of Madrid, home to the largest innovative business park in the country.

CorreosLabs will give support to new business projects by way of the Correos network, material and human resources, and experience. It will provide business, legal, operational and technical advice by Correos itself and its external partners: Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Telefónica, South Summit or 4YFN.

The first initiative is Lehnica Challenge, an entrepreneurship competition that aims to select five projects that will be given a 30,000-euro aid plus support from CorreosLabs.

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