Spanish franchises grow abroad

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Spanish franchises grow abroad

100 Montaditos restaurant in Mexico City. EFE/Sáshenka Gutiérrez (EFE)
100 Montaditos restaurant in Mexico City. EFE/Sáshenka Gutiérrez (EFE)

The number of franchises from Spain abroad increased last year by 3.6%, as stated in the Franchises from Spain in the World Report 2017. Currently, there are 313 in 137 countries, compared to the 302 registered in 2016.

Internationalisation is a priority to Spanish franchises, says the report prepared by the Spanish Association of Franchisers (AEF) and Cajamar Cooperative Group. The report contains an excellent overview of the presence of Spanish franchises in all five continents.

According to the report, the Spanish franchise system is made of 1074 national and 224 international networks. Up to 29.14% of Spanish franchise brands are established in international markets.

Also, the number of Spanish establishments abroad grew to 21,730 this year from 20,891 in 2016 (+4%).

Fashion: a leading industry

The report breaks down data by country and industry, indicating the top markets where Spanish franchises have been established.

The fashion industry is a reference sector for Spanish franchises established abroad. It has 79 networks (25.2% of the total) with 9885 shops in 123 countries.

Fashion is followed by the hotel and catering sector, with 53 networks (16.9%) and 1472 establishments in 78 countries, and the beauty and cosmetic industry, which has 37 brands (11.8%) and 1606 establishments in 48 countries. Taken together, these three industries account for 54% of all franchises, with 169 franchise brands.

Main market: Portugal

This year, Portugal was once again the main target market for Spanish franchises, with as many as 186 Spanish brands (59.4%). Other top markets are Mexico, with 97 networks (31%); Andorra, with 90 (28.7%); France, with 77 (24.6%); and Italy, with 58 brands (18.5%).

The United States, for the first time in the report and among the top ten franchise target markets, is home to 37 Spanish brands (11.8%).

By number of establishments, Portugal tops the list with 2693 points of sale (12.3% of the total); in Italy there are 2236 (10.2%); Brazil climbs up to third with 1594 establishments (7.3%); France has 1586 (7.2%); and Mexico follows with 1353 shops (6.2%).

By region, Europe continues to be the main destination for Spanish franchises, which have set foot in 45 countries with a total of 11,641 establishments (53.5%).

Portugal, Andorra, France, Italy and the UK are, in this same order, the European countries with the largest number of Spanish franchises.