Marca España


Spanish democracy turns 40

On 15 June 1977, 40 years ago, Spain held its first democratic election since February 1936. Between these two dates, there had been a civil war and a dictatorship, under the rule of Francisco Franco. The 1977 election made history: the majority of Spanish citizens supported centre-left or centre-right parties, showing that they preferred moderate ideologies.

Spain at Astana Expo 2017: Energy for the Planet

From 10 June to 10 September, the Kazakhstan capital will host Expo 2017, an event promoting alternative and renewable energy, an industry Spain has contributed to and is committed to in such areas as R&D and innovation, sustainable practices, or climate change.

Spanish-Portuguese Summit strengthens cross-border cooperation

The 29th Spanish-Portuguese Summit came to a close with budget, rail infrastructure and energy agreements, as well as plans to fight terrorism and promote European integration.

According to the 7th Edition of the Barometer of the Image of Spain published by Elcano Royal Institute, foreign nationals rate our country at 7.1 – the same mark they give to USA and our best since June 2012.

Spain, ready for success at World Aerobatic Championships

The Spanish Aerobatic Team 2017 was introduced last Wednesday at the aerodrome in Casarrubios del Monte, in the province of Toledo. Once again, they are led by the experienced pilot Cástor Fantoba, European champion in 2014.

Spain takes its energy to Expo Astaná 2017

Using the slogan “Spain. Energy for the Planet”, the Spanish pavilion is to focus upon the implementation, research and development of renewable forms of energy, a field in which Spain is a worldwide leader.

Spain in the international press

As many as 600,000 news items about Spain and Spaniards are published by international media every year, says GAD3 report for Marca España

Marca España is committed to diverse, high-quality tourism

Tourism “is not only an economic driver, but also a fundamental element when it comes to forming an image of the country”. This was the view put forward yesterday by the High Commissioner for Marca España in his appearance before the Parliamentary Committee for Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, before which he was asked to appear in order to explain the work of Marca España in promoting the Spanish tourism sector.  

Marca España is looking to Asia and the Middle East to promote the aeronautical industry

The High Commissioner met with ambassadors and other diplomatic representatives at the seminar organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. The group visited the Airbus site in Getafe

 Marca España promotes Spanish gastronomy in Russia

The High Commissioner for Marca España travelled to Moscow last week where he fulfilled an intense agenda promoting gastronomy, fashion, tourism, the Spanish language and the management of the country brand carried out by this institution.

The King and Queen present certificates to the new Honorary Ambassadors for Marca España

Their Majesties, the King and Queen of Spain, presided over this biennial ceremony, the objective of which is to publically recognise those people, companies or institutions which have made the biggest and best contributions towards strengthening the positive image of Spain abroad through their exemplary professional work.

Marca España relaunches its strategy and strengthens cultural promotion

In the context of Forum Europe, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros announced his proposal of coordinated action by cultural agencies for the promotion of the image of Spain. Also, he will submit a project to Parliament for the inclusion of the distinctive features of the Spanish identity as curricular contents at school.

Marca España: a project that became a reality

‘Marca España: Un proyecto hecho realidad 2012/2016’ is a book summarising the activities and achievements of the Marca España project since its inception and setting forth the guidelines to build a strong country brand.

The Marca España Honorary Ambassador is promoting the 2017 Retina Year

The Marca España Honorary Ambassador is promoting the 2017 Retina Year, a Retinaplus+ Foundation initiative to raise awareness of preventable blindness in Spain.

The agreement was introduced at the 37th FITUR, the leading trade fair in the Spanish tourism industry and a leading event at the international level.

Marca España and Spaincares have signed a cooperation agreement to promote Spain as a quality destination in health tourism.

Minister Dastis aims for continuity of Marca España

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Dastis, and the High Commissioner for Marca España, Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros, expressed their willingness for the continuity of the Marca España project today at the presentation of the new video ‘Spain Everywhere’ today in the Viana Palace in Madrid.