Steady growth for International Spanish Horse Show

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Steady growth for International Spanish Horse Show

Mater Christi, winner of the award for Best Breeder of the Year at the 3rd World Pure Spanish Horse Championship. Photo: SICAB
Mater Christi, winner of the award for Best Breeder of the Year at the 3rd World Pure Spanish Horse Championship. Photo: SICAB

The Seville Exhibition and Conference Centre (FIBES) has hosted a new edition of the International Spanish Horse Show (SICAB), one of the leading events in the global horse breeding industry. It unfolded from 14 to 19 November, drawing high numbers of both exhibitors and attendees.

In its 27th edition, SICAB hit a new record high in the number of visitors: 230,000. This means 5% more than in the previous edition. The number of horses also increased: 1077 Pura Raza Español (PRE) specimens from 342 breeders, with a positive impact on sales, which doubled from last year.

Likewise, this year’s SICAB witnessed a rise in the number of international breeders, accounting for 15% of total exhibitors. They came from Japan, China, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Mexico, USA, and other countries.

One of the show’s highlights was the 3rd World Pure Spanish Horse Championship, which gave awards to ‘Atrevido Mango’, a horse from Yeguada Andic, and to the mare ‘Panadera LVIII’, from María Fernanda de la Escalera. The award for Best Breeder of the Year went to Mater Christi. The prizes are awarded by the National Association of Pure Spanish Horses Breeders (ANCCE), which is also the organiser of the horse show.

PRE Awards & Ambassadors

In addition to horses and breeders, PRE Ambassador Awards were given to football coach Vicente del Bosque (PRE Magnificence), UNICEF (PRE Nobility), journalist Ángel Expósito (PRE Expression), chef Ángel León (PRE Haute École), para-triathlete Eva del Moral (PRE Bravery), horseback bullfighter Diego Ventura (PRE Art), actor Mario Cimarro (PRE Passion) and singer Pasión Vega (PRE Gait).

In addition, fashion model Teresa Baca, singer Remedios Amaya, Olivia de Borbón y von Hardenberg-Fürstenberg, daughter of the Duke of Seville, Esther Doña Morales, Marquise of Griñón, horseback bullfighter Leonardo Hernández and matador Francisco Rivera Ordóñez were appointed as Honorary Ambassadors.

Last but not least, Javier Conde Cerrato, horse breeder and former chairman of ANCCE, was granted honorary membership in recognition of his career in PRE breeding and his collaboration with ANCCE.

Pura Raza Española, a brand on the rise

This year’s SICAB was dedicated to the 525th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in America and to the Pure Spanish Horse as a predecessor of the horses that breed in the continent today.

According to the PRE Stud Book, there are PRE breeders in 65 countries worldwide today, and the population of Pure Spanish Horses amounts to 230,000 specimens.

Moreover, according to the Report on the Equestrian Sector published by the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation, the horse breeding sector produces over 5.3 billion euro and 61,000 direct jobs.