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Spanish pharmaceutical model: excellence at the global level

Marca España has signed a cooperation agreement with the General Council of the Official Pharmacists’ Colleges for the international promotion of the Spanish pharmaceutical model.

Upcycling the Oceans: clothes to clean the sea

Two organisations, ECOALF and Ecoembes, have launched an innovative project to collect marine waste off the coast of the Levante region in Spain and transform it into top-quality yarn to make clothes.

The culinary revolution that began in Spain

The President of the Royal Academy of Gastronomy, Rafael Ansón, presented on 22 November his book titled ‘La cocina de la libertad’, which advocates the culinary revolution that spread across Spain and travelled beyond Spanish borders.

Spanish military training against Jihadism in Iraq

A total 307 Spanish soldiers are part of the international coalition supporting the Iraqi Army in its fight against ISIS.

Playing, the best therapy

They transform isolation rooms into Moon bases, hospital rooftops into gardens, pain management units into ‘colour management units’… They are Juegaterapia, a foundation that started up as a provider of video consoles for children in hospital with cancer and now does a lot more things.

Spain against the death penalty: a tireless campaign

Spanish society has demonstrated its strong opposition to the death penalty on several occasions. Spain is fully committed to the global fight in favour of abolishing capital punishment.

Los más optimistas y liberales de la UE

According to a study conducted by Elcano Royal Institute and Demos, Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself?, Spain stands out for its lack of anti-EU bias, its optimism and acceptance of social change.

Spain, an international university campus

On 6 October, the European University held the first “Madrid, an international university destination” seminar, which highlighted the prestige of the Spanish university system.

BioSpain 2016: Spain reinforces its commitment to biotechnology

The eighth edition of BioSpain, held in Bilbao between 28 and 30 September, brought together more than 700 organisations and 1500 attendees from 28 countries interested in the latest developments in the sector.

Spanish archaeologists, back in Luxor

The team working on the Vizier Amenhotep Huy project are going back to Luxor to carry out their eighth campaign with the largest group of people currently working on excavations in the area.

Spanish talent in streets around the world

Ten anonymous and twelve popular Spaniards will be the protagonists of a global campaign, Made of Talent, whose presentation took place this morning in Madrid’s Teatro Real.

Rocío Moya, free aid volunteer in Mozambique. Photo: Rocío Moya.

Free aid volunteers, who spend their time and money in development projects in Third World countries, are just one of the many faces of Spanish solidarity.

Spanish transplant experience, made available to the WHO

An agreement signed with the World Health Organisation (WHO) will help to boost the Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation (GODT), based in Madrid, and to collaborate on organ donation and transplant projects, an area in which Spain is the world leader.

Drones, new technological frontier in Spain

Spanish businessmen and entrepreneurs are trying to get their way in a sector that is expected to become a major industry in the domestic economy.

UN Security Council meeting on the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict presided over by Spain. Photo: EFE/Eduardo Muñoz Álvarez. (EFE)

Our country’s international presence increased fourfold in the past 25 years, according to the Elcano Global Presence Index.

The smiles of Saharan children come to Spain

Families all over Spain are hosting 4570 children from the Tindouf refugee camps throughout July and August.