Advanced Industries

Spain is headed to the future thanks to the high technological level of its industry. Spanish companies and scientific institutions contribute to the development of important projects in different sectors such as aerospace, where our businesses have participated in some missions and projects such as the Rosetta mission and the exploration of the planet Mars, in addition to providing leadership in areas such as the manufacture of satellites, in the defence sector with sophisticated flight systems, radar simulators, border surveillance, in the sector of shipbuilding, automotive and steel industry, the machine tooling sector where they stand out internationally for their competitiveness and high added value.

Spain is the number two car manufacturing country in Europe and has production plants from practically all of the industry’s multinational corporations in Spain. Its naval industry is a benchmark in the construction of multifunctional ships, frigates, submarines and floating platforms able to hold from an electrical power station to a regasificación plant, and is one of the few countries in the world with the capacity to carry out the complete manufacturing cycle of an airplane.

Maritime industry embraces high technology

Spain has become a reference in the building of multipurpose vessels. Spain-based shipbuilders make everything from military frigates or submarines to offshore floating regasification or power station platforms.

Spain’s aerospace industry is the fifth largest in Europe

Spain’s aerospace industry is the fifth largest in Europe in terms of turnover and employment and boasts high investment intensity.

SEAT. Martorell (Barcelona). EFE/ Susanna Sáez (EFE)

Spain enables highly competitive production and has a very powerful and flexible component sector, giving companies high added value.