Fashion and Habitat

Spanish design is synonymous with success, both in fashion as well as living space. Spain has world-class companies in both domains that export creativity and innovation developed in our country, which also reflect our culture and identity. In addition to its brand image in the world, the quality, creativity and innovation of Spanish design in these areas generate major economic benefits for Spain.

Desigual has conquered the international market with original and very distinctive designs. Marta Pérez (EFE)

The fashion industry represents one of the world’s most high-profile illustrations of creativity, innovation and the foreign competitiveness of Spain’s economy.

Human Rights Room of the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, whose domed ceiling is the work of Spanish artist Miquel Barceló, and whose seats were installed by the Spanish company, Figueras. Savatore di Nolfi (EFE)

Spanish design is outstanding in the various disciplines that make up the overall living space industry, with products that blend tradition, design and innovation.