Knowledge-based system

Spain has an innovative and high quality Education System, and one of the highest level of per-student expenditure in the developed countries. Our country makes notorious efforts to provide state-funded scholarships and there is a growth in the number of granted students.

Spanish schools and universities have placed the use of the new information and communication technologies at the centre of educational experience, through new learning-teaching models and teacher training programmes.

Our universities stand out because of the high achievement of student, above the average scores in the OECD survey, and also because they are the preferred by the European students of Erasmus Programme. The system is completed with the wide range of executive education programmes offered by the Business Schools.

Innovation, quality and efficiency at the Service of Education

Spain stands out because of the high achievement of student from preschool to university, above the average scores in the OECD survey.

A University System of Excellence

The Spanish universities are highly considered and rank the first positions of OECD regarding the high achievement of their students.

Cutting-edge country in Business Schools

Spain has some of the best considered Business Schools in Europe.