Research + Development

Spain is a nation of science and technology. It world-renowned for its history, language, climate, diversity and tourism, but Spain is much more than that. Our country is a model of success: Spanish businesses lead their sectors in research, development and innovation and boast a worldwide presence.

Research and development in Spain are built on a solid foundation, designed and promoted by Public Administrations through Infrastructure, Research Centres and support services—among the finest in the world—so that businesses can open across the globe and in every sector, amounting to a powerful financial investment.

Universities and businesses also play an important role in the success of Spanish R&D. Thanks to their efforts our country is now heralded across the globe as a benchmark in sectors such as medical research, clean energy, intelligent infrastructure, bio and health technologies, molecular biology, biochemistry, industrial technologies, Information and Communications Technologies, aeronautic and space research and naval technology.

Nearly half of the capital invested in research in Spain comes from Public Administrations. Contributions from businesses and foundations complete the virtuous circle.

The telescopes at Roque de Los Muchachos in La Palma. Image: EFE/Miguel Calero (EFE)

The public research system plays an important role in the development of R&D%I and innovation in Spain.

Laboratorio Europeo de Física de Partículas (CERN). Martial Trezzini (EFE)

Research, Development and Innovation form part of Spain’s strategic commitment to building its own future and standing among the world’s most innovative countries.

Foundations, a vital support for medical research

Foundations, associations and non-profit institutions contribute decisively to the conduct of medical and scientific research.

Entrance to the National Scientific Research Council (CSIC). Javier Lizón (EFE)

Spanish technological research and innovation has made enormous progress over the past two decades.