13th Gamelab, 2017. Photo: EFE/Alejandro García.

Spanish video game industry employs 8790 people

The Spanish Video Game Association has released a report stating that the sector accounts for 0.11% of the Spanish GDP and that every euro in this industry has a three-euro impact in the Spanish economy.

The Spanish video game industry offers 8790 direct jobs and accounts for 0.11% of the Spanish GDP, says a 2016 economic report released by the Spanish Video Game Association (AEVI). It is the first video game industry report to go beyond market research and consumer surveys.

The report adds that every euro invested in the video game industry has a three-euro impact in the Spanish economy and that every job leads to the creation of another 2.6 jobs in other sectors.

Based on these data, AEVI concludes that, on the whole, the Spanish video game industry has an impact of 3577 million euro on the economy, considering direct, indirect and induced effects, and 22,828 direct or indirect jobs.

Moreover, video games account for 14.3% of video editing, 9.6% of audio visual production, 3.8% of data processing and programming, and 3.2% of telecommunications in Spain.

The report was produced by a team from the management consultancy Llorente & Cuenca led by Juan Carlos Collado, PhD in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley (USA). It analyses the video game industry’s impact on economic productivity and job creation, and its effects on information and communication technology.

AEVI is the most important organisation in the Spanish video game industry. Its 15 member companies hold over 90% of the Spanish video game market. They include game developers, distributors, retailers and e-sports gaming organisations.