We are innovative
Leadership in medical and surgical innovation

The work done by Spanish researchers has made our country a world leader in transplants and in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s, malaria and HIV. Spain’s centres for assisted reproduction, stem cell therapy or eye surgery achieve top global results and design new techniques.

In the top 10 for world scientific output

Spain is tenth in the global ranking for science publications. The impact of these publications is also reflected in the high percentage of most frequently cited papers, for which we rank twelfth worldwide.  By subject matter, Spain excels in papers on medicine, engineering, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, physics, astronomy and computer sciences.

Outstanding engineering solutions

Spanish construction and engineering companies operate in 85 countries across all five continents with a portfolio exceeding 74 billion euros. They are admired worldwide for their impressive track record in designing and executing complex infrastructure projects, their cutting-edge technical capabilities and their innovative proprietary technology. Projects such as the expansion of the Panama Canal, Heathrow Airport or the remarkable SR 99 Tunnel in Seattle are all noteworthy examples of Spain’s impressive engineering credentials.

Spanish innovation in rail technology

Our country is the leader in designing and implementing high-speed trains and railway projects. Its high-speed rail network is the second largest in the world and the largest in Europe. Spain is also a world leader in the construction of subway lines. Spanish companies have led iconic projects such as the high-speed line from Mecca to Medina, the Lima Metro, the Riyadh Metro and the California High-Speed Rail network.

Prestigious designs

A wealth of heritage sites spanning more than 2,000 years of history, spectacular avant-garde buildings and ground-breaking designs have all made Spain a global hub for architectural excellence. First-rate Spanish workmanship can be seen the world over and the originality and innovation of our architects is recognised worldwide. Moreover, our country ranks ninth in the world industrial design.

Leaders in graphene production

Spain is one of the leading producers and exporters of graphene, a highly resistant material that is reshaping the technological world and will continue to do so. Spanish companies account for 20% of the graphene market, from manufacture to application in sectors such as nanotechnology, construction and medicine.

Innovative sustainability

Spain is the fourth country in the world in terms of ecological sustainability and the sixth in terms of environmental performance, according to the Global Innovation Index. The key is generation of clean energy and responsible care and management of Spain’s natural landscape. In addition, Spain’s water and waste management model is a benchmark for the rest of the world. Our country is also the world leader in exports of sustainable energy generation and management technology. For example, 78% of the world's solar thermal projects are Spanish and our companies have built the largest water treatment plants on the planet.

Leaders in the aerospace industry

The Spanish company Indra is a world leader in air traffic management and border control. Its telecommunications systems have been installed around the globe and its navigation systems are used at the world’s major airports. Indra has also placed Spain at the forefront of space surveillance systems thanks to its technology for monitoring objects orbiting the Earth. Spanish companies are also part of cutting-edge space projects such as the Mars mission, the Rosetta Mission, the Jupiter mission and the CHEOPS Mission.

Spearheading digital government

Spain ranks fourth in the world in e-Government services, a new way for citizens and institutions to interact. The Spanish model of e-signatures and national identity documents is held up as an example by countries around the world. Furthermore, Spain also leads exports of biometric identification technology.